Ruby, Blue and Blanket by Jane Hissey
It is always a treat for us to celebrate the launch of a new book, and even more so the start of a whole new
concept. Jane Hissey’s wonderful Ruby, Blue and Blanket offers just such an occasion.

Jane has written and illustrated over 20 picture books, and won world-wide acclaim, as well as a BAFTA Award for her television series about the much-loved Old Bear. This new departure sees Jane create a whole new set of characters, who are sure to endear themselves with a whole new generation of fans.

As always Jane’s meticulous and highly skilled artwork shows her working at her very best. The execution of coloured-pencils, and exquisite draughtsmanship displays her signature talents.

An array of this original artwork will be on display, with a selection of the published artwork and some rare original drawings offered for purchase. Prices for original artwork start at £450.
Exhibition date
28 February - 16 March 2013
22 Bury Street, St. James's, SW1Y 6AL