Comic Book Heroes
'Critical Mass' - Front Cover Artwork Artist Kevin O'Neill£3750
Smuggling Diamonds Artist John McLusky
The Cake Bomb - A Matter of Loaf and Death Artist Aardman Animations£3250
The Savage Artist Dave McKean£5.99
Early Man - Dug and Hognob (Nick Park) Artist Aardman Animations£3450
Wallace and Gromit's Washomatic (Nick Park) Artist Aardman Animations£850
Nemesis The Warlock Artist Kevin O'Neill£30.00
Looking Up Artist Dave McKean£750
Slog's Dad Artist Dave McKean£850
What a weird peculiar thing Artist Dave McKean£1250
Woo! they yelled Artist Dave McKean£2000
The bird opened its eyes Artist Dave McKean£850
Pig-Headed Young Fool!' Artist John McLusky£595
Ernst Stavro Blofeld Artist John McLusky£1250
Bond disliked the assignment Artist John McLusky£1850
The mud..It's boiling hot Artist John McLusky£1850
Fighting with the Giant Octopus Artist John McLusky£2450
Bond and Honey meet Dr No Artist John McLusky£3250
Creature Comforts (First edition) Artist Aardman Animations£35
Early Man - Hognob (Nick Park) Artist Aardman Animations£2750
Goofy Smiley - Green Artist Richard Webber (Aardman)£475
Goofy Smiley - Sky Blue Artist Richard Webber (Aardman)£475
Geis 2: A Game Without Rules Artist Alexis Deacon£15.99
Nelson Artist Alexis Deacon£495
Nelson (Study) Artist Alexis Deacon£275
GEIS - Front Cover Artwork Artist Alexis Deacon£850
Oh My Goodness! Artist Alexis Deacon£295
Crocodile Jaws Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)£1450
Danger Mouse Dangling Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)£1450
Flying Through Space Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)
The clock face Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)£1450
Danger Mouse falling Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)£1450
Family Fu Artist Ron SmithSold
Megaton Megastore Artist Ron Smith£250
Get the Tek Judges Artist Ron Smith£250
Okay Dredd he's all yours Artist Ron Smith£250
Judge Dredd and Judge Benn Artist Ron Smith£395
That's it - these clowns do time! Artist Ron Smith£550