Comic Book Heroes
'Critical Mass' - Front Cover Artwork Artist Kevin O'Neill£3750
The Cake Bomb - A Matter of Loaf and Death Artist Aardman Animations£3250
Slog's Dad Artist Dave McKean£850
Looking Up Artist Dave McKean£750
What a weird peculiar thing Artist Dave McKean£1250
Woo! they yelled Artist Dave McKean£2000
The bird opened its eyes Artist Dave McKean£850
Goofy Smiley - Green Artist Richard Webber (Aardman)£475
Goofy Smiley - Sky Blue Artist Richard Webber (Aardman)£475
Nelson Artist Alexis Deacon£495
Nelson (Study) Artist Alexis Deacon£275
GEIS - Front Cover Artwork Artist Alexis Deacon£850
Oh My Goodness! Artist Alexis Deacon£295
Family Fu Artist Ron SmithSold
Geis 2: A Game Without Rules Artist Alexis Deacon£8.99
Bond disliked the assignment Artist John McLusky£3250
The mud..It's boiling hot Artist John McLusky£3750
Wallace and Gromit: The Train Chase (Nick Park) Artist Nick Park (Aardman)£1500
Okay Dredd he's all yours Artist Ron Smithsold
Get the Tek Judges Artist Ron Smithsold
Bond and Honey meet Dr No Artist John McLuskysold
Wallace and Gromit's Washomatic (Nick Park) Artist Nick Park (Aardman)£475
Danger Mouse Dangling Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)sold
Flying Through Space Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)
Crocodile Jaws Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)£950
The Savage Artist Dave McKean£3.59
Early Man - Dug and Hognob (Nick Park) Artist Nick Park (Aardman)£2450
Early Man - Hognob (Nick Park) Artist Nick Park (Aardman)£1450
The clock face Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)sold
That's it - these clowns do time! Artist Ron Smith£550
Megaton Megastore Artist Ron Smith£195
Danger Mouse falling Artist Brian Cosgrove (Cosgrove Hall Animations)sold
Nemesis The Warlock Artist Kevin O'Neill£10.6