Elephants at Easter
Rose gave Old a flower Artist David McKee£3250
Elmer went to find the birds Artist David McKee£2500
Flash! Bang! Crash! Artist David McKee£875
Wheeled Elephant Artist Emily Sutton£550
Splash! Artist Christopher Wormell£3,750
First in the queue Artist Christopher Wormell£3,450
This is the life Artist Christopher Wormell£4250
They Heard A Sound Artist Christopher Wormell£3,450
Alfie, Annie Rose and Friends Artist Shirley Hughes£1850
Elmer appeared with snowballs Artist David McKee£2500
Rose safely joined the herd Artist David McKee£3250
Can You See a Little Bear Artist Jackie MorrisTBC
Mr Large was shaving Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)Sold
But the ice creams were so tiny Artist Christopher Wormell£3,750
Baby Large playing with his football Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)sold
On Elmer's way home Artist David McKee£3250
Off to the Fair (title page) Artist Christopher Wormell£950
Such A Heavy Load Artist Christopher Wormell£3,250
Jungle Animals Artist Axel Scheffler£550
All a question of balance Artist Christopher Wormell£3,450
One Pig Peeling Potatoes Artist Sandy Nightingale£750
Alarm Clocks Artist Laura Carlin£850
'Look!' said the baby Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)sold
Why not have a picnic? Artist Christopher Wormell£3,450
The Indian Elephant Artist Robert Ingpen£450
'Why don't you dream about your bear?' Artist Frank Rodgers£850
Vijaya and the Elephant's Oath Artist Tomislav Tomić£95.00
Granny is coming! Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£1550
Her new tights Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£1550
Don't forget the dinner dance Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£1550
How do I look? Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£1550
Granny arrived Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£1850
'We've escaped' Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£1850
The hour was late Artist Jill Murphy (b. 1949)£1450